Kerala Caring Hands, Reg Charity No 1132557. England and Wales.

                     About Us:

Kerala caring hands is a registered charity in England and Wales, No 1132557.

We also registered as a charity with Inland Revenue for tax purpose, NO: XT21905.

We are also registerd for Self Assessment Donations from Inland Revenue,

the code is MAU54LG, or search H&M web site charites with our name to opt us.

We generally known as "KCH" among malayalies. We are comparitevely young in age but

we have made a good start in UK and kerala and keeping it up with the help of keralites and UK residents.
The objects of this charity is elenimate poverty in kerala and help keralites in UK as well.

The full wordings can be seen on the front page.

The details of projects we deal with is on the projects page from home tab.

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