Kerala Caring Hands, Reg Charity No 1132557. England and Wales.


E Books:
We aim to provide Malayalam language classes for each and every one, who is not able to speak and/or write, in Malayalee community in UK.

We provide books and/or tutor in Malayalam language wherever or whenever you are convenient. The ultimate aim is to bring up and connect all new generation to our land, Kerala, and keep up the relations with our relatives and culture through our language. We provide educational guidelines for younger people for their higher education but won't provide any work permit or student visa or advice on it.

Through the web site, providing 100s of useful, informative links we aim to gather solutions for all the needs of keralites for their housing in UK. Links related to Home office, work permit, passport etc.,
official to local tourism and travel information, we are trying to include. If you get all the links in one place, you can check that site for anything. We trying to include a member site, where everyone can post anything good for community, so everyone will get a chance to benefit that information. There is no proper record about the number of people or keralites living in UK. If you are one of them simply sign as a member, no commitments or even news letters if you don't want. We also decided to start a 24/7 call centre in Malayalam to provide instant help and advice on any issues. 


Kerala provisions:
We aiming to make sure all the malayalies are getting their natural, traditional provisions
at their home in UK without overpaying or delaying months. We KCH is not running any shop for that but in association with some whole sellers arranging home delivery for non-perishable items by giving a reimbursement of delivery cost to these sellers. Anyone can order as usual but only who are in need of charitable help will only get free delivery. All others can enjoy the facility by paying the delivery cost, but still we think every one will
get a chance to get our items at your door step.

Internet Radio:
Malayalam language is very important in every aspect of a malayalies life. Once we started live in UK, we loosing all the use and benefit of our language. Its really hard to get a publication or radio in Malayalam language in UK.. By developing malayalavani internet radio in Malayalam language, we aim to bring back news and music to every keralites in UK. We will include programs from Kerala to get news and updates of day to day life. We aim to include programs of malayalees in UK, like phone in program, cultural and religious events, desired songs etc.
We working very hard to run this free service for 24/7.
We believe this project will bring the capacity of keralites community in the UK.


Malayalam daily:

In future we are planning to start a Malayalam news paper which freely available to each and every keralites in UK at their home.


Projects in Kerala:-


Provide help with education with a long term vision of eliminate poverty.
To help them to find out their on stable way to survive. Based on the Kerala family system,
one earning member in a house means, the whole family is able to survive.
So we aim to bring at least one up from each starving families..


We giving grants to individuals ,organisations, agencies for projects based on
vision to eliminate or relief of poverty in Kerala.

Relief of Poverty:

We fund existing projects or undertake or start new projects to eliminate or relief of poverty in Kerala.

What you can do:-

Make donation: Make Gift Aid: Volunteer: Sponser: Provide Information: Receive aids, grants or services:

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